Lost Borough

In 1898 the city of Yonkers participated in a historical referendum vote to join the city of New York as one of its boroughs, or remain an independent city. In that same referendum vote, the cities of Brooklyn and Staten Island voted to become NYC’s 4th and 5th boroughs while Yonkers voted to remain independent. Lost Borough Ice Cream (LBIC)  is a reminder of what NYC lost when Yonkers voted to remain an independent city in 1898.  Although Yonkers decided not to join Brooklyn, Queens & Staten Island in that referendum vote, it still shares in its NYC edge, boasting an independent spirit while nestled in the suburbs. Lost Borough Ice Cream will further share in its NY roots and will embody the creativity, vibrancy & quality of shops in neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Dumbo, while remaining unapologetically true to the spirit of Yonkers.